4 Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks

4 tips to prevent stretch marks. Photo: Pexels
4 tips to prevent stretch marks. Photo: Pexels

The stretch marks tend to cause aesthetic discomfort for the majority of people who have them, but this condition is entirely natural and can affect anyone, regardless of age, body shape, or social status.

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Marks of stretch marks — white, red, or purple — are results of the skin stretching, breaking the elastic and collagen fibers in the dermis, common during puberty, weight gain process, pregnancy, genetics, and any other reasons related to elasticity. So, if you already have them and want to prevent new ones, or if you don’t have them and wish to continue without, check out four tips to avoid them. Information is from “Healthline”.

Weight control

The process of weight gain or even weight loss, as well as the so-called “yo-yo effect”, contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. Thus, controlling the weight and keeping it healthy can prevent skin marks. The recommendation is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and if you notice a rapid weight increase or decrease, it’s worth consulting a doctor to find out the reason.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a significant ally for health and aesthetics, so it’s no different in this case. Drinking water helps to keep the skin hydrated and soft, reducing the possibility of developing stretch marks. Beverages with caffeine, like coffee, can have the opposite effect, so it’s essential to balance such intake with water, herbal teas, and other decaffeinated liquids.
In addition to internal hydration, daily use of moisturizing creams all over the body is essential, especially if you’re pregnant.

Include Nutrients in Your Diet

A balanced diet is vital, and the results are enhanced when paired with nutritious foods, rich in vitamins C, D, and E, zinc, and protein. A good tip for smart meals is to choose unprocessed, natural foods and include different colors on the plate.

Consult a Dermatologist

Dermatological monitoring can be a significant ally for people who have stretch marks or are predisposed due to genetics. The professional can work to minimize the appearance of existing marks and/or conduct treatments to prevent new scars.

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