70-Year-Old Woman Shares Three Tips to Look 20 Years Younger

70-year-old woman shares three tips to look 20 years younger
70-year-old woman shares three tips to look 20 years younger. Photo and video: @thirtywaves

A 70-year-old woman revealed her anti-aging secrets that keep her looking 20 years younger. In a TikTok video that garnered over 30,000 likes, she shared her three daily practices to maintain her youthful appearance.

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@thirtywaves, the woman’s niece, introduced her aunt in the video:
“This is my aunt who’s 70 and is about to share her top three secrets to combat skin aging. They’re simple but effective.”

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Tip Number 1

The first tip she shared was to avoid stretching and rubbing the skin.
She likened it to old leather shoes, explaining that stretching them would cause wrinkles.

Instead, she advocated for gently patting the facial skin and avoiding rubbing the eyes with makeup remover wipes.

Tip Number 2

The second tip was to wash the face only once a day.
The 70-year-old explained, “I only wash my face at night using my fingertips, gently splashing water, and drying with a towel.”

Her niece added that excessive washing strips away the natural oils, essential for preventing wrinkles and maintaining skin health.

Tip Number 3

The third and final tip was to incorporate retinol into the skincare routine.
The woman advised viewers to obtain prescription retinol ointment, emphasizing its affordability.

She revealed that she applies the cream to her forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, lips, and the sides of her eyes.

Moreover, she recommended maintaining a balanced diet and moderate alcohol consumption.

Netizens praised the 70-year-old woman for her stunning appearance, commenting that she looks 20 years younger than her age.

“Phenomenal!”, one exclaimed. Another said, “I’d never guess you’re 70. You don’t look a day over 50.”

Photos and video: @thirtywaves

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