Athlete with 3 nipples becomes a hit on TikTok with hilarious videos

Jess Gardner. Photos and videos: Tiktok reproduction @jessicagardnaa Jess Gardner. Photos and videos: Tiktok reproduction @jessicagardnaa

The beautiful pole vault athlete with a ‘third nipple’ Jess Gardner dazzled fans by wearing her University of Nebraska uniform before the new track and field season

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22-year-old Jess Gardner from Lincoln, Nebraska, is a pole vault sensation with an impressive track record.

The University of Nebraska medical student has a personal best of 4.17m in the jump. But when Jess isn’t shining on the track or in the classroom, she’s entertaining her 224,000 TikTok followers with her dazzling beauty in her hilarious posts.

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And on this Wednesday (8), the Huskers star drove her followers wild with a new daring click. “Dreaming of the [season],” joked the blonde as she winked at the camera in her University of Nebraska uniform.

Jess stunned with her red school vest, paired with a microscopic pair of black shorts. The college star wore matching red nails and tied her blonde locks into a ponytail, finishing off the look with an ‘N’ sticker on her cheek to show school support.

Earlier this year, Jess went viral on TikTok by lifting the lid on rumors that she had a third nipple. In the explosive talk, the college star confirmed the rumors were true, but she’s certainly not ashamed of it.

“It’s true, I have a third nipple, I won’t lie,” said Jess in the video that garnered over a million views in May. “I used to be ashamed, but now I own it.”

Photos and videos: Tiktok reproduction @jessicagardnaa

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