Characteristics of the Signs – Libra

Characteristics of the Signs - Libra
Characteristics of the Signs – Libra. Photo: pexels

Libra: Refined

Librans are children of the air element and ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and relationships.

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However, as Libra is an air sign, the meaning of love for this sign is not that of intimate encounters and sensual exchanges. Let’s leave that to Taurus.

Libra is a sign of ideas and ideals and perceives love and relationships more through concepts than the physical. Librans value class. Love without class doesn’t work for them. Libra (not Virgo) is, indeed, the biggest perfectionist of the zodiac.

It is symbolized by the balance and justice, and this is one of its strongest characteristics. The Libran intensely believes in equality and seeks it in relationships.

Libra is a complex sign, despite appearing simple. It is a sign of exchanges that seeks perfection and balance in everything it does.

They cannot stand mess, dirt, and environments of bad taste, as they are the most refined and elegant sign of the zodiac.

They avoid fights as much as possible, but when they perceive that the opponent wants to fight, they do not back down.

The Libran confronts whatever is necessary and shows their aggressiveness. But they feel like the worst of creatures after exposing their shadow.

Libra follows Socrates’ rule: seek the good, the well, and the beautiful throughout your life and, as long as you do not find it, feel frustrated and unhappy.

Libra is the sign of relationships, marriage, and loves reciprocity. If you give something to a Libran, they will certainly give something in return, whether it is an object or their love.

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