Images Show Alleged Arrow-Shaped UFO Spotted Spinning in Argentina’s Skies

Images show alleged arrow-shaped UFO spinning in Argentina's skies. Photo: Twitter @Mauro_Mateos
Images show alleged arrow-shaped UFO spinning in Argentina’s skies. Photo: Twitter @Mauro_Mateos

A mysterious UFO shaped like an arrow was spotted over Argentina with photos displaying the supposed alien craft hovering in the sky, with authorities promising to analyze the images.

A mysterious arrow-shaped UFO was seen spinning in the air, images showing the alleged UFO were taken near the small town of El Escorial, Chubut, in Argentina.
Pictures display the supposed alien craft hovering over the plains of Patagonia in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Journalist Calaverita Mateos shared the images on social media with the message: “The best photos of a UFO in Chubut.”

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And he added: “Photos sent to me by a local resident who asked not to be identified.”

Authorities have promised to review the images.

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