India Independence Day 2023

India Independence Day 2023. Photo: Google
India Independence Day 2023. Photo: Google

Today’s Doodle celebrates India’s Independence Day and is illustrated by New Delhi-based guest artist Namrata Kumar. On this day in 1947, a new era dawned as India became independent from British rule.

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Symbolic of this first day of independence, an annual flag-raising ceremony is held at Red Fort, Delhi, with the Prime Minister in attendance. Citizens sing the national anthem and commemorate leaders of the independence movement. Movies about freedom fighters are broadcast, and various cultural programmes are held in schools and neighborhoods, with children participating in plays and competitions.

Many choose to spend this national holiday with family, friends, and their communities. Flying kites is a long-standing Independence Day tradition, so don’t forget to look up and spot a few tricolor kites soaring high in the sky.

Happy Independence Day, India!

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