Influencer Shot Dead, Police Fear New Attack at Funeral

Sabrina Durán Montero
Sabrina Durán Montero. Photos and videos: reproduction Tiktok @katrinagusman

Sabrina Durán Montero, a TikTok influencer known as the “Narco Queen,” was shot dead on Monday (24) in Chile.

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The young woman, just 24 years old, had been convicted for her involvement in trafficking but was on parole when she was murdered in the street. Now, the police are investigating the crime, which was likely premeditated. Additionally, the family fears a new attack at the funeral.
Sabrina Montero was not just a simple tiktoker, but a “narcoinfluencer.” With over 450,000 followers, she often posted videos from prison.

She would appear dancing or singing inside the facility. Sabrina had been sentenced for her involvement in trafficking and was imprisoned until September this year.

She was released and began serving parole. Sabrina was called the “Narco Queen” by her fans on the internet.

The police are investigating Sabrina’s murder, but the main suspicion so far is that it was premeditated. “These people had a preconceived idea of how they would act. Preliminary information indicates that they were waiting for her,” stated Western Metropolitan prosecutor Pablo Sabaj.

One hypothesis is that the murder was retaliation to target Sabrina’s girlfriend, Antonella Marchant, who is the leader of a gang involved in drug trafficking.

The two met at the Female Penitentiary Center (CPF) in the municipality of São Miguel, where they were serving sentences for drug-related crimes.

Photos and videos: reproduction Tiktok @katrinagusman

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