Instagram famous claims to have dated Britney Spears’ husband, causes disturbance on American Airlines flight

Photos: Courtesy of Instagram @officialmorganbritt
Photos: Courtesy of Instagram @officialmorganbritt

Influencer Morgan Osman, who claims to have dated Britney Spears‘ husband, Sam Ashgari, following their divorce announcement, is facing online backlash after she was filmed calling herself an “Instagram famous” while causing a scene onboard a American Airlines flight.

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The clip, currently trending on Reddit, shows the fashionista arguing with an off-screen passenger while retrieving her luggage onboard an unspecified American Airlines flight.
“Call me a b… again,” she said to one passenger, as another was filming in the background.

“I did nothing wrong,” the influencer continued after someone else told her to “shut up”.

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What was amusing is that once the celebrity noticed she was being filmed, she sarcastically exclaimed, “Film me, I’m Instagram famous you f…”.
The self-proclaimed “plane crazy” has already apologized for the incident, admitting she had “a bit of anxiety” about flying.

Morgan Osman on Reddit

It’s still unclear what sparked the altercation, however, Osman’s antics had Reddit users amused in the comments.
“If you have to tell people you’re famous, you’re not famous,” one critic commented.

Others found it ironic that Osman would boast about her celebrity status while flying in economy class.

Osman is perhaps best known for her stints on reality TV, most notably appearing on the 5th season of the reality show “The Bad Girls Club”, which was set in her hometown, Miami.

She also featured on VH1’s short-lived fashion series, “Miami Monkey”.

Video: Courtesy of Twitter @NewsAlphas

Photos: Courtesy of Instagram @officialmorganbritt.

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