Man shares what he did to lose 359 lbs in two years after ending a relationship

Cole Prochaska. Foto: instagram @3to1fitness
Cole Prochaska. Foto: instagram @3to1fitness

The 39-year-old American Cole Prochaska, who resides in the town of Saint Matthews, South Carolina (USA), shared on social networks that he managed to lose 359 lbs in two years after ending a relationship.

The American emphasized that he did not use medication and did not undergo stomach reduction surgery.

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How it happened:

  • In 2021, Cole weighed 584 lbs and decided to transform. In an interview with Today USA, he reported that he was always a big kid. As an adult, he regularly ate bags of fries and consumed 12 cans of soda per day. In addition, he led a sedentary lifestyle;
  • When he went to restaurants, he ordered five cheeseburgers at once and could eat an entire pizza by himself;
  • The starting point for his transformation was the end of a seven-year relationship. “I knew she had lost respect for me because I was just a very big person and didn’t do anything, and wasn’t going anywhere in life. I was trying to save the relationship. I didn’t save it, but I saved myself,” he added;
  • To begin, Cole started walking a few blocks and increased the distance each day. He also decided to eat healthily and cut all sweets, snacks, and sugary drinks.
  • Afterwards, he enrolled in a gym. In the first weeks, the American did exercises with his own body weight. Later, he began to do activities with weights.
  • Currently, Prochaska walks 10,000 steps “every day, no matter what happens”, whether on a treadmill or outdoors. He also goes to the gym at least three times a week. “It was just me deciding that this was it, it would be a life change. I feel so good,” he said.

+ Click here to see the impressive video of Cole Prochaska

Excess skin

  • Now Cole needs to undergo three surgeries to remove excess skin. “It’s very hard to share a picture without a shirt, but I’ve come so far! I know it’s hard for some of you to look. People didn’t believe in me, but I believed in myself,” Cole wrote on social media;
  • He then created an online fundraiser to raise the necessary amount for the three surgical procedures. His goal is to gather $100,000 (approximately R$478,000);
  • “I’ve reached my weight goal, but my life is not complete and will not be complete until I can get rid of this excess skin. I have to tuck extra skin into my pants and still wear loose clothes to hide the sagging,” he explained;
  • “I just want to continue helping to inspire as many people as possible to overcome whatever they are struggling with, but definitely people who are trying to lose weight. You’re never too far. It’s never too late. You can always come back,” he concluded.

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