Millionaire’s wife blasted for spending US$ 2.5 million in a week

Linda Andrade
Linda Andrade. Photo: Instagram Reproduction

Linda Andrade, the infamous wife of a millionaire and influencer from Dubai, sparked outrage after revealing how she spent over US$ 2.5 million of her husband’s money in just one week.

A video detailing the millionaire’s extravagant spending spree has accumulated over 580,000 views on TikTok.

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“I’m not ashamed at all to flaunt it,” said 23-year-old Andrade to The Post while describing her spending habits.
The Canadian is married to a millionaire in the Forex and Crypto sectors named Ricky Andrade, whom she reportedly married when she was just 19.

The self-proclaimed “Original Dubai Housewife” posts about the outrageous values of her luxury gifts.

Linda Andrade
Linda Andrade. Photo: Instagram Reproduction

These clips, which regularly rack up millions of views, show the Dubai housewife bragging about spending US$ 16,000 in one day, tasting a 24K gold coffee cup, and having her husband light up the Burj Khalifa with a “happy birthday message” when she turned 23.

In her most recent showcase, Linda allegedly decided to spend US$ 2.5 million in a week, according to a clip circulating on the internet.

These excessive expenditures were divided into a US$ 1,411,008 deposit, US$ 356,214 on shopping, US$ 229,141 in cash, US$ 7,210 on chocolate, US$ 201,200 on gold, US$ 52,210 in “fun money,” and US$ 216,789 on a “random Wednesday,” evoking some kind of twisted credit card advertisement for the ultra-rich.

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