Otaku Proibidão, cosplayer launches Asian funk style

Kine Chan. Photo: Disclosure
Kine Chan. Photo: Disclosure

Kine Chan rejects comparisons to MC Pipokinha: “Our music style has nothing to do with each other”

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After launching ‘Waifu‘, a song by Kine Chan with participation from Xehli G, the cosplayer was bombarded with comments on social media comparing her lyrics with those of funk singer MC Pipokinha. Responding to her followers, Kine Chan recorded a video for TikTok explaining the difference in the funk style of her songs.

“The funks that I compose are geared towards my life, towards the things I like, such as Eastern culture. I think it worked well to combine the aesthetic of the cute anime girls with proibidão funk,” said the cosplayer and songwriter.

In addition, according to Kine Chan, the funk sung by MC Pipokinha is more ‘mandelão’, while hers has a more ‘automotive’ beat, ideal for listening in the car due to the bass present in the music. “MC Pipokinha was not the first woman to sing proibidão funk, what happened is that she blew up a lot after her flamboyant shows,” commented Kine Chan.

The cosplayer also stresses in the video that funk began to gain visibility in the 90s, and since then, several women have stood out singing proibidão funks, such as MC Carol and MC Mayara.

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