Prime Minister Announces Ban on ‘Zombie-Style’ Knives in the UK

Prime Minister announces ban on 'zombie-style' knives in the UK
Prime Minister announces ban on ‘zombie-style’ knives in the UK. Photo: pexels

UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced the ban on “zombie-style” knives

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The government has announced that “zombie-style” knives and machetes with no practical use will be banned, and the police will have more powers to seize and destroy them.
Speaking live at a police station in London, the Prime Minister said:

Knife crime is horrific, it affects young people, and we must do everything in our power to eradicate it. I’ve spent time with the officers here and the Met Commissioner talking about what they’re dealing with on the streets. What we’re doing today will make their job easier.

We are giving the police more powers to confiscate knives when they come across them, when they’re doing their day-to-day policing. We are banning certain types of knives. Having just seen them, there’s no reason for these knives to be on the streets.

There’s no sensible reason for someone to own them. So, we’re going to ban them and make it illegal to possess them. Lastly, we’re toughening the penalty for people who are caught with these weapons, added the Prime Minister.

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