Success Makes Desiree Busnelli an International Reference

Desiree Busnelli. Fotos e vídeo: Reprodução Instagram @desireebusnelli
Desiree Busnelli. Fotos e vídeo: Reprodução Instagram @desireebusnelli

According to Desiree Busnelli, changing the decoration of a house requires many essential elements, pros, and cons. Many people have clarity about what they like or don’t like, but they simply have no idea of where and how to start the process of changing their interior design.

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Interior decorators guide clients in the right direction, giving them the confidence needed to create a dream home. The key to interior design, believes interior decorator Desiree Busnelli, is preparation.

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As someone who decorates not only homes but also hotels, restaurants, and offices, she believes that formulating a plan for how and where things will go provides instant clarity not only to the decorator but also to the client.

When seeking inspiration, it’s easy to get engrossed in other people’s home interiors, says Desiree. However, replicating the same in a different space with different resources is not always possible, she adds.

Desiree Busnelli. Photos and video: Reproduction Instagram @desireebusnelli

Desiree Busnelli. Photos and video: Reproduction Instagram @desireebusnelli

Therefore, Desiree recommends embracing the current room or space and then highlighting the available features by adding a touch of color, changing the texture of fabrics, or altering the general ambiance of the area.

Lighting is essential for enhancing focal points and creating ambiance. But this is something that needs to be planned in advance, as it’s one of the main elements we need to address.

In her personal opinion, a room that contains the right amount of light looks great on its own, without too much aesthetics.

With numerous sources of recommendation and an endless supply of inspiration, Desiree says it’s easy to deviate from the original project as the process progresses. When it comes to her clients, she encourages them to stick to their guns and have confidence in their plans. “Of course, there is always a lot of development in the design that changes over time.

In fact, it’s common to encounter issues that require us to follow a different path, but I personally try to stick to the plan as much as possible – all in accordance with the client,” states Desiree.

Desiree Busnelli. Photos and video: Reproduction Instagram @desireebusnelli Desiree Busnelli. Photos and video: Reproduction Instagram @desireebusnelli

The home is a personal space for each individual, and therefore, modern interior consultants must interpret the right concepts to give clients what they want.

Above all, she adds, updating the look of a home doesn’t have to be only about massive changes – it’s the smallest touches and details that make the most significant impact!

Photos and video: Reproduction Instagram @desireebusnelli

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