Suzy Cortez does a photoshoot in tribute to Djokovic after his US OPEN win

Suzy Cortez. Fotos: Reprodução Instagram @suzyacortez
Suzy Cortez. Photos: Reproduction Instagram @suzyacortez

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez took part in a daring photoshoot as a tribute to the talented Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, who, last Sunday, won the prestigious US OPEN for the fourth time.

With this win, Djokovic reinforces his status as the tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles.

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Suzy, always an avid tennis enthusiast, expressed her excitement about the Serbian’s victory, comparing it to the intensity of a World Cup final.

“I have always been passionate about tennis and celebrated Djokovic’s win as if it were a World Cup final,” said Suzy enthusiastically.

Furthermore, recently Suzy Cortez surprised by announcing her decision to leave the adult content platform and take a new direction in her career by competing in the Miss Olympia Wellness, the female equivalent to the prestigious bodybuilding title, which the Austrian legend won seven times.

Suzy shared her reflections on the difference between the fitness universe and OF.

She believes that fitness not only represents a more respectful and healthier approach to her life and followers but also offers business opportunities with considerably higher earning potential.

“I see the fitness world as an environment conducive to exploring my personal brand, establishing profitable partnerships, and significantly expanding my financial horizons,” stated Suzy.

With her commitment to evolve and pursue new opportunities, Suzy Cortez shows remarkable determination on her journey to Miss Olympia Wellness and a promising career in the world of fitness.

She continues to inspire her followers with her passion, determination, and continuous quest for meaningful challenges.

Photos: Reproduction Instagram @suzyacortez.

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