Video: Influencer and Dancer Luana Andrade Dies at 29 After Cosmetic Procedure

Luana Andrade. Photo and video: Instagram @luandradel Luana Andrade. Photo and video: Instagram @luandradel

The death of model and influencer Luana Andrade at the age of 29 has shocked friends, family, and online users, who continue to spread the word of the tragedy on social networks.

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According to Luana’s press team, she suffered cardiac arrests during a cosmetic procedure, liposuction, at São Luiz Hospital in São Paulo.

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In a statement, SBT, the network where Andrade was a stage assistant for the program “Domingo Legal,” expressed sorrow for her passing. “SBT, the ‘Domingo Legal’ team, and all the directors and colleagues from the network express their deep sadness over Luana’s departure and wish strength to her friends and family,” the statement read.

Who is Luana Andrade?

Luana Andrade was a graduate in Advertising and Propaganda. On her Instagram profile, she had over 290,000 followers, with whom she shared her lifestyle: travels, workouts, and fashion.
The influencer was engaged to businessman João Hadad, a former participant of the Brazilian show De Férias com o Ex. The couple took part in the sixth edition of the reality show “Power Couple Brasil,” broadcasted by Brazilian network Record TV.

Luana, born and living in São Paulo, also worked as a model and influencer.

Photo and video: Instagram @luandradel

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