Video of model Mady Gio skydiving goes viral on the web

Mady Gio. Photo Instagram @mady_gio
Mady Gio. Photo Instagram @mady_gio

A new video shows Italian-Romanian model Mady Gio skydiving

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The video shows the model preparing herself with her instructor, boarding the plane, and jumping on a beautiful autumn day.

The video has been a great success with comments containing double entendres about the extreme adventure. “I bet the guy had a good day,” wrote one. And another commented, “Does anyone know how long it takes to become a skydiving instructor?”

The Italian-Romanian model, whose real name is Madalina Ioana Filip, is 28 years old and used to live in Italy, where she filmed adult content before fleeing to Switzerland last year. It was believed that in August 2022, she earned an incredible £140,000. And the influx of money prompted her to escape Italy and its heavy 27.9% taxes.

Photos and video: Instagram @mady_gio Reproduction

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