Video Shows Work of Russian Engineers Clearing Paths and Detonating Landmines

Video shows the work of Russian engineers clearing and detonating landmines

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video showing the demining work in the invaded territory of Ukraine.

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The video, published on the ministry’s Telegram channel, shows a specialized tank and soldiers equipped with metal detectors in action, searching for and detonating landmines along the way.

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The demining operation is crucial, considering that a vast area of the Ukrainian territory is affected. According to Major Pazetto, an officer of the Department of Engineering and Construction, it is estimated that about 160,000 square kilometers of Ukraine’s territory require thorough investigation. The challenge is compounded by the fact that between 10% and 30% of the ammunition does not explode as expected, remaining active on the ground.

This demining process is vital to ensure the safety of the occupied areas and the local populations. The landmines, laid by both sides of the conflict, pose a constant danger to civilians, as well as to the military forces operating in the region.

The presence of these unexploded explosive devices can cause unexpected casualties long after the end of the confrontations.

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