VIDEO: Tennis muse shows off ‘skills’ in basketball wearing tiny top and high heels

Influencer and tennis player Rachel Stuhlmann joked that she should stick to tennis after posting a video of herself showing off her basketball skills.

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Rachel impressed fans by appearing in high heels and a tiny blue top, but her basketball skills left a little to be desired.

Rachel Stuhlmann. Foto: Reprodução Instagram
Rachel Stuhlmann. Photo: Instagram Reproduction

The stunning brunette dribbled the ball on a tennis court before taking a shot that missed the hoop completely.

31-year-old Rachel Stuhlmann, nicknamed the world’s sexiest tennis influencer, has over 278,000 followers on Instagram – where she focuses on tennis rather than basketball.

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Some of Stuhlmann’s fellow influencers have chosen to use the popular content-sharing site OnlyFans in addition to what they post on their social media platforms. While the bombshell brunette is interested in appearing on a subscription-based site, she plans to create her own based on tennis.

Rachel Stuhlmann. Foto: Reprodução Instagram
Rachel Stuhlmann. Photo: Twitter Reproduction

Photo and video: Twitter Reproduction Rachel Stuhlmann (@rstuhlmann)

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