Wife of Ukrainian military chief poisoned with heavy metals

Marianna Budanova
Marianna Budanova. Photo: Reproduction Twitter

Attempted assassination with poison against Marianna Budanova, 30, she is the wife of the highly respected Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov of Ukraine, who has been identified as one of Russia’s priority targets in the conflict.

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The wife of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence is recovering after an attempt on her life, according to today’s reports from the Ukrainian media.

Marianna Budanova, 30, was “poisoned with heavy metals” and is hospitalized.

This followed a “prolonged deterioration of her health,” reported the news channel Babel, citing intelligence sources.

Budanova is a trained psychologist and has served as an advisor to the mayor of Kyiv, Vitalii Klychko. The exact nature of the poisoning that caused her illness – and which Russia is suspected of – has not been identified.

Russians are suspected of being behind several chemical assassination plots, both in Russia and abroad, including in Ukraine.

In 2004, Viktor Yushchenko – who ran against the Kremlin-backed candidate Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine’s presidential elections – was left with permanent scars when he was poisoned with dioxin. His face still bears the marks to this day.

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